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From our home to yours!

        The maple leaf is the symbol of our neighbors to the North of us; Canada. However, this is not the reason we chose the maple leaf to represent our company.

A maple tree grows tall and strong, giving us the foundation to branch out in many different directions. These branches are able to reach out into the different communities around us, allowing our company to share a one of a kind experience with each of our clients. The maple leaves grow from these branches, and are each unique in their own way, just like our clients and their needs. The sweet syrup that is produced from the heart of these trees does not require cross pollination or any other outside source. In a sense, it gives without taking and can always be relied upon to give us its most treasured gift; maple syrup. Our gift to you is the ability to provide our clients with exactly what they want; this is what keeps our companies heart beating strong and proud.

        At, 918 Maples Catering, we have a strong foundation, many diverse talents, and extensive knowledge, that we want to bring to you. At, 918 Maples Catering, we have a reliable heart, that you can depend on to give you and your loved ones the perfect event and an unforgettable experience. We will not take away your time or precious moments during your special event. At, 918 Maples Catering, we want you to sit back and relax. We Will Cook For You!



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